Bushcraft Camps

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Bushcraft Camps

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Bushcraft Camps

Duration: One to four nights

Really Wild school camps are a fantastic opportunity for students to be inspired, to develop valuable age-appropriate life and academic skills and to experience how to really survive and thrive in the Wild – one of the most exciting and inspirational environments possible!

School camps can stand alone or be part of a larger programme of progressive learning that builds year on year as each pupil progresses through the school. They are equally applicable to primary, secondary and further education years.

If you can learn how to survive and thrive in the wild, then you can certainly learn to do so in your school life, home life and personal life too! The use of nature inspires learning in the most powerful of ways and serves to underpin almost any lesson, academic or otherwise, that a school might wish to teach.

Steven Shove – Founder  

Each camp is tailored to the specific requirements of any group and is delivered in a manner that best supports the particular values and ethos of your school.  Activities tie into the curriculum and can be used to develop any class theme or topic you may wish to explore. Each activity is also designed to raise important life lessons and to aid each pupil’s personal development and growth as well. They can be delivered on your school grounds or at one of our own amazing locations.

School camps and day events are ideal for:

  • Year group events – especially valuable for key transition years
  • Enrichment days
  • Subject-related field trips or on-site learning (e.g. pre-history, geography, maths, science, PSHRE and history)
  • Enhancing the DofE award scheme
  • Welcoming events and induction of new cohorts to the school
  • SEN development
  • A support to school open days and other promotional events

In partnership with the school’s own teaching staff, we seek to inspire and equip each student to be the very best they can be. The result is better motivated and more engaged pupils back at school and at home.



  • Identification of UK Fauna and Flora including foods medicines and poisons!
  • Fire craft – safety, ignition, uses, fire lays
  • Backwoods cooking and wild medicines
  • Use and evaluation of primitive technologies, animal signs and behaviour’s, stalking and tracking
  • Use of woodland tools
  • Search and rescue exercises
  • Foraging for and the preparation of wild foods, nutrition and diet
  • Rope craft, use of man-made shelters and tarpology
  • Shelter building, camp craft and water purification
  • Effective communication, leadership, teamwork
  • Successful society and human development
  • Team building and leadership challenges
  • Night games, wide games, and Really Wild Olympics

Learning Outcomes

  • Outdoor skills, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.
  • Personal development: attitude, confidence, resilience, self-reliance, self-discipline, empathy, teamwork, leadership, community, cognitive development and problem solving- using our methodology for success.
  • Academic development: links to KS 1-5 Maths, Science Geography, History, Pre-History, Environmental Studies, PE, PSHE.
  • Principles taught help young people in their preparation for school life and/or their transition between schools, to college, university or work.
All learning outcomes and personal development objectives are agreed with teaching staff beforehand and written into our team’s lesson plans to ensure everything we deliver is appropriate, completely relevant and has the most positive impact on the students we teach.