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Really Wild Academy Brochure

A detailed brochure of our purpose, culture, team, activity days, camps, expeditions, staff training and online learning resources.


Scottish Wilderness Expedition 

The West coast of Scotland is a land of wonder and adventure that will capture the spirit of the Really Wild Explorer right from the start. Venturing out into a landscape that is overwhelmingly magnificent in its size and beauty will take your breath away. 

Survival School

An immensely powerful personal development journey for those who love adventure and the outdoors. Typically weekend residential courses in a wilderness setting paid for by parents that have a huge impact on their children’s character and personal development. Pupils graduate with top class survival skills, resilience, quiet confidence and purpose.

School Camps & Activity Days

Superb for entire year groups, houses or other cohorts. School camps and activity days can be held at our beautiful camp site or on school grounds. They can be simply for fun and binding or linked to key transition years between key stages or schools, class topics or the curriculum.

Borneo Expedition

A unique summer adventure to the interior of Borneo during which pupils will develop as individuals, experience true wilderness and jungle environments, and get to work alongside indigenous peoples on projects that will greatly improve humanity.

Kayaking Expedition

An opportunity to canoe and kayak along some of Britain’s most beautiful and remote coastlines and rivers, learning to live off the land and sea throughout an adventure that will live with each person forever.

Arctic Winter Expedition

Journey to one of our remote Arctic locations and learn to live in the wild in snow shelters or even outdoors under the stars with nothing but a fire and your know how to keep you warm. Learn to navigate, snow shoe, ski and survive in the wild. Celebrate your achievements too with the most wonderful meal and camp fire under the northern lights.

Arctic Summer Expedition

A magical land of daylight and beauty. Journey by canoe through Arctic landscapes and enjoy the great outdoors where almost no one goes. Experience a sense of adventure, relaxation and culture like no other.