Changing School and Key Stages

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Whether changing school or key stage we recognise that every child’s situation and circumstance is unique to them. By using the Really Wild Method we aim to support each individual in a manner that is most useful and meaningful to them personally. We do this via:

Changing School

Changing school can be incredibly daunting for some, immensely exciting for others and a very real mixture of feelings for most. However, this particular moment of change will often define a pupil’s success, happiness and wellbeing for years to come.

How this transition is managed will likely impact a child’s future quality of life more than any other transition between key stages in their academic career. The move from primary to secondary between years 6 and 7 or lower to upper school is crucial.

We specialise in supporting pupils with their families and teachers on both sides of this transition i.e. upon departure from one school and on arrival at another during which we seek to equip and enable each student with the mindset, confidence and practical tools to make this shift a great one.

Free Resources and Help for Parents, Carers, Teachers and Pupils

Article – 6 Top Tips to Transition to Secondary School

Article – How Good Habits can Help You Succeed in Secondary School

Article – Thriving on Change and Uncertainty – A Young Persons’ Advice

Article – More Top Tips for Transitioning to Secondary School

Presentation – Primary to Secondary Years Materials for Parents, Carers and Teachers

Video – Interview with a student and national level sports-person on useful habits (see below)

Boarders and International Students

We have particular experience in helping borders make the transition from home to school and have developed a range of resources and approaches with leading educators to develop the character, confidence, capabilities and wellbeing of such students. An online personal development resource on developing great habits for example, was originally designed with such pupils in mind.

Moving Between Key Stages

Changes between key stages within the same school are also incredibly important with years 9 and 10 representing cohorts with particular needs.

Preparing for Entrance Exams and Interviews

For those facing entrance exams and interviews in order to secure entry into the school, college or university of their choice our services can also make a huge difference. We focus on developing the behaviours, confidence and disciplines including those around mental and physical for wellbeing as the necessary foundations for other work that will be underway academically.

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