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The Really Wild Academy™ is a division of the Really Wild Group of organisations that was founded in 2010. It serves the schools’ and wider education sector with a particular focus on the delivery of high impact school camps, activity days, expeditions and digital learning.

Really Wild Business supports leaders and their teams in organisations, and Really Wild Bushcraft serves families and individuals in the leisure sector.

Our results are frequently cited as life changing!

Our Vision

Our Mission – Ignite, inspire, achieve!

What We Are Famous For

Outdoor learning programmes that positively change peoples’ lives. Facilitated by:

Schools choose Really Wild school camps and activity days for a number of reasons. These include the following:

Outdoor Learning with a DifferenceFor Primary and Secondary Years

Ignite, inspire, achieve!

There is nothing we like more than working with maverick headteacher or passionate member of staff who wants to do things differently.

We have served schools for over 10 years in classrooms, on school fields, within our own beautiful woodlands and in the Arctic, jungles and mountains of the world. Outcomes for pupils and teachers have frequently been life-changing, developing character, capabilities, confidence and wellbeing in an exciting and memorable way.

We achieve this through the Really Wild Academy which offers a progression of learning and personal development at every key stage and year of a pupil’s school life.

Outcomes for pupils can be extraordinary whether they attend a one off event such as a bushcraft camp, activity day, guest lecture, workshop, or expedition; or attend a Really Wild Academy developed especially for your school that offers progression throughout multiple terms or year groups.

Our approach is underpinned by our proven methodology for success and wellbeing called the Really Wild Method® which has now featured in 5 bestselling books. It successfully serves to “ignite” a student’s desire and passion to succeed, “inspire” the right actions, and equip and enable them to “achieve” through the development of various techniques, attitudes and behaviours. All the while of course, students enjoy the adventures and freedom of being outdoors whilst learning best-in-practice bushcraft and survival skills, and developing valuable life lessons and other skills too.

Whether your engagement with us is just for fun or to work on key behaviours, challenges or values, we have a solution to suit. If you have a particular class topic you would like to bring alive, we can do that as well!

Please scroll down to find out more or click on the image to download a copy of our main schools brochure.

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What People Say

Earning her stripes during a rite of passage celbration. This young lady is beaming with pride!

“A life changing experience! I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and into an experience that I believe will make an amazing mark on my life forever.” Amanda – Secondary School Student

Life Changing!

“An awesome team of talent, expertise and inspiration! These guys helped me survive, literally!

As one of the camera embeds on Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island I needed skills. Really Wild delivered with extra! They are fantastic with adults, amazing with children and full of the most powerful wilderness skills and life lessons too. These guys are the real deal. Highly recommended!” Lily Murray, Producer Director – Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island and Survival School

What Teachers Say

“Simply brilliant! Our students loved the practical, survival-based activities, and genuinely benefitted from the lessons on teamwork, resilience, determination and self-belief. Steve and his team were consummate professionals who inspired each and every one of our boarders and left them wanting more. ”
Gerry Young, Deputy Head (Boarding) St. Leonards, Fife

“Really Wild have worked with Dulwich for a number of years and have provided school camps and activity days for multiple year groups for both The College and our Junior Schools. Events have always been professionally delivered with activities uniquely and effectively linked to personal development outcomes, the curriculum and class topics. Feedback from students and teachers has been excellent. Highly recommended.” Simon Croucher, Assistant Head Co-Curricular, Head of Outings and Expeditions – Dulwich College

“The Really Wild team certainly delivered! Our students grew as individuals and as a group. They learnt how to use primitive weapons, to make fires and natural shelters (which they used), how to responsibly work with knives, how to navigate and how to administer first aid in the field as well, all in the winter months too. Lessons were well planned and extremely engaging. The team’s professionalism and positive attitude throughout ensured a great experience for all. Highly recommended!”

Ollie Nicholls Outdoor Learning – Ravens Wood Secondary School

Children from all years at Springfield (Reception to Year 2) have been lucky enough to experience bush craft sessions with the Really Wild team. The children love the excitement of being outside searching for signs of animals and their tracks, clues to what they eat as well  as identifying plants. The great thing about the sessions is the fact that staff and children work together and the thrill of making and cooking their own bread and tea is not only educational but gives all children the confidence and self esteem to achieve.

Becky Wycherley – Head Teacher, Springfield Infant School

“Having Really Wild work with us year after year is a highlight in our school’s calendar and gives both children and staff in our school a wonderful experience that is not forgotten. They bring our topics to life and cater for all types of learners. As a teacher, it’s great to see how the children interact and really shine – often those children that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to, which makes the whole experience even more special.”

Joe Harvey – Year Head at West Park School

I was fortunate enough to attend an excellent Arctic Survival school trip to Finland with Really Wild. It was brilliantly organised and one of the most memorable and enjoyable school trips I have been on. A very likeable and knowledgeable team. They encourage all students to take part in activities and are experts in their field. I cannot recommend them highly enough. From a very happy teacher. Ghazala Willoughby – International School of Cologne

“Thank you for such a brilliant and fantastic time!! All the children were full of such excitement, saying it was the best trip they’d ever been on.  All the adults were very complimentary too…and wanted to stay even longer”

Teacher – Woodchester Primary School

What Students Say

“Informative, fun sessions with teachers you know live and breathe what they’re teaching 🙂 We spent a few days at a camp with Really Wild doing some awesome sessions – Foraging, fire craft, intermediate knife skills. The whole team were passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fantastically good with kids! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Really Wild and look forward to more sessions in the future. These guys and gals know their stuff! And know how to make it accessible to young and old. Highly recommended!Vanessa E.

“The team’s dedication and attitude towards life is highly infectious. One can’t help but feel empowered with a greater understanding of life!” Overseas Student – Career and Personal Development Course (Internship in Brighton)

“Excellent workshops! I felt challenged and discovered so many outstanding qualities about myself. Keep up the good work! Thank you!” Amanda Olsen – International Student

Amazing guides and teachers who gave me three of the most amazing weeks of my life, teaching me resilience and independence and helping me overcome many of my fears. Anyone considering one of their trips, I seriously recommend going. Oliver Kirkland – Secondary School Student

Experience the following…

Here’s how:

Activity Days

Duration: Half to One day

Really Wild offers half day and full day courses ideally suited to the needs of each cohort. These can be delivered on school grounds, in nearby parks or in our wonderful woodlands. These are always fun, educational and a great way to learn bushcraft skills and to celebrate the great outdoors. Grounded in bushcraft and adventure, and through use of the Really Wild Method®, they can also be tailored to support specific cohort requirements in terms of personal development and bringing class topics alive through key stages 2 & 3, 4 and 5

Example Activities

Example Class Topics

Example Learning Outcomes

Bushcraft Camps

Duration: One to four nights

Hosted near you, on school grounds or on our beautiful and well-equipped site at Wowo, Really Wild school camps are a fantastic opportunity for students to be inspired, to develop valuable age-appropriate life and academic skills and to experience how to really survive and thrive in the Wild – one of the most exciting and inspirational environments possible!

School camps can stand alone or be part of a larger programme of progressive learning that builds year on year as each pupil progresses through the school. They are equally applicable to primary, secondary and further education years.

If you can learn how to survive and thrive in the wild, then you can certainly learn to do so at school, at home and at work! The use of nature inspires learning in the most powerful of ways and serves to underpin almost any value, behaviour or lesson a school might wish to teach, academic or otherwise.

Steven Shove – Founder 

Each camp is tailored to the specific requirements of any group and is delivered in a manner that best supports the particular values and ethos of your school.  Activities tie into the curriculum and can be used to develop any class theme or topic you may wish to explore. Each activity is also designed to raise important life lessons and to aid each pupil’s personal development and growth as well. They can be delivered on your school grounds or at one of our own amazing locations.

School camps and day events are ideal for:

In partnership with the school’s own teaching staff, we seek to inspire and equip each student to be the very best they can be. The result is better motivated and more engaged pupils back at school and at home.

Example Activities

Learning Outcomes

All learning outcomes and personal development objectives are agreed with teaching staff beforehand and written into our team’s lesson plans to ensure everything we deliver is appropriate, completely relevant and has the most positive impact on the students we teach.

Survival School

Duration: 2 Days – 1 Night

The Really Wild Survival School is the pinnacle of outdoor learning. Students learn the skills needed to survive and thrive outdoors in spring summer, autumn and winter, with winter being our most popular season for learning.

As the student’s progress through our 4 different courses; introductory, intermediate, advanced and graduate levels, students have the opportunity to demonstrate a progression of learning and personal development that is second to none. The courses are also a tremendous addition to a DofE programme making young people better and safer outdoors in every respect.

Survival School plugs perfectly into our expeditions programme where the students can test their skills and build on them anywhere in the world! This foundation of exceptional learning is the backbone to what we do and will support any person into becoming a responsible and effective practitioner in whatever field they choose to enter.

Example course outline

Students develop their bush craft and survival skills to an extremely high standard. On completion of these courses, students will be equipped with the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to survive and thrive in even the most challenging of situations and environments. This applies equally to the outdoors as it does to other aspects of the students’ lives. Students can also certify in being able to independently use a knife, saw and an axe, further adding to their personal development and skill.

Each successive course builds on existing skills and develops new ones too.

Example activities

Learning Outcomes


Really Wild teaches bushcraft and survival skills around the UK and abroad, each led by our experienced and highly qualified team of professionals. Our trips and expeditions program represents either a stand-alone option for adventure and personal development, or a continuation of learning to follow on from our regular bushcraft and survival skills courses here in the UK. Some include valuable elements of service and fund raising activities and the opportunity to work alongside local peoples from different cultures.

Upcoming Expeditions For 2024/25:

Activities are led by the directors of Really Wild and our senior team, sometimes in partnership with our approved and accredited AALA licensed partners.

Check out our brochures link at the bottom of this page to find out more.

Sailing Yacht Experience

Enjoy a few hours aboard the Really Wild sailing yacht, Magler at Brighton Marina. Whilst onboard students will be able to enjoy the following:

Learning and personal development outcomes will be tailored to each student group. This experience is ideal for SEMH pupils who may prefer an individual or small group environment with their teachers or carers.

Really Wild Online

Online skills and personal development resource for pupils, teachers and parents – for use as a stand alone service or an accompaniment to our school camps, activity days and trips:

Really Wild Kids: Primary Years/Lower School

A wonderful adventure-story and activity-based learning resource that links to class topics and offers a host of engaging challenges and skills-development resources each designed to enhance the character, capabilities, confidence and wellbeing of each pupil. A superb way to foster partnerships between families, pupils and teachers, developing life skills, resilience and a thirst for life.

Really Wild Success: Secondary Years/Upper School

A unique and inspiring set of resources using videos of survival situations, expeditions and interviews with great explorers to equip and enable each student in their quest to thrive in life.

School Brochures

Click on the image below to access our main school brochure and pamphlets for each of our camps and expeditions.


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